WordPress 5 blocks

This page is an example of what you can accomplish with the new WordPress editor. We’ve made sure that all of the blocks match the style of our theme – you can see a full style guide on these pages: common blocksformatting blocks and layout blocks.

Start with a title

And keep writing your stories with the paragraph block. The paragraph block has all the usual formatting options you know from the classic editor, as well as some cool new features – font size and color, as well as drop cap.

Add more content

You can easily add content such as the gallery above. The new WordPress editor comes power packed with a range of available blocks for all sorts of content:

  • images
  • video and audio
  • quotes and pullquotes
  • tables, columns and buttons
  • etc.

Additionally, each block has different styles and variations to choose from – the above gallery is set to a wide alignment, for instance. This creates a nice effect since the gallery is now wider that the surrounding text.

Next, we’ll add a full-width cover image to spice things up:

This is a full-width cover image with a fixed background. Nice!

Play around with typography

Moving on, let’s see how a quote block looks like. Quotes come in two variations – regular and large. Additionally, you can add pull-quotes as well – these come in two variations as well – regular and solid. You can even align the pull-quotes left, right, wide or full-width, just as you would an image block.

Quote blocks are quite useful if you want to make a part of your text pop!

– Meks team

This concludes the example page. You’ve seen just a fraction of what can be achieved with blocks. Again, for a full style guide please visit these pages: common blocksformatting blocks and layout blocks.

If you like what you see and you are ready to start unleashing your creativity, click the button below:

Letzte Episoden

Christian Bauer

Meine Motivation
‚Wenn Jugendliche in ihrer Heimatgemeinde mitbestimmen dürfen, leben sie gerne dort. Falls sie irgendwann als junge Erwachsene ihr Dorf z.B. wegen einer Ausbildung oder dem Studium verlassen, ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit höher, dass sie zurückkommen, wenn sie früher mitbestimmen durften‘ (Winfried Pletzer, 2013)
Das sind für mich die zwei wichtigsten Gründe dafür, der Jugend zu helfen, dass sie hier am Samerberg mitreden und mitgestalten dürfen. Als Jugendbeauftragter Gemeinderat ist mein Plan mit dem Podcast die Jugend zu informieren. Ich hoffe, dass so die Jugendlichen Lust bekommen, für ihre Bedürfnisse einzutreten und so von sich aus das Gemeindegeschehen mitgestalten.